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  • What can I do to keep my flowers fresh?
    There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your flowers maintain their vase life! 1) When you receive your flowers make sure that there are no leaves or smaller flowers below the water line. If so, remove them. 2) Change out your flower water every couple of days. Make sure to rinse your vase out well and refill it with cool, fresh water. 3) Trim about 1/4" off the bottom of your stems every 3-4 days. (NOTE: There are some flowers that release sap that may hinder the vase life of neighboring flowers, i.e. Dahlias, Daffodils, etc. Be sure to steer clear of trimming these types of flowers.)
  • What are filler flowers that you describe in your disclosure?
    Filler flowers are ordered from wholesalers when our micro flower farm does not have enough product to fulfill an order. Likewise, in weddings or events, if a customer requests specific flowers that we do not have available from our farm we order them wholesale.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Delivery is set by product. For more details, refer to the shipping information within the products in our Shop. For special events or weddings, deliveries will be coordinated on a customer basis.
  • Are harsh pesticides used in your garden?
    We do our best here at Haven Flower Farm to use organic gardening practices, however we are not certified organic. If we need to use products to rid bug pressures or diseases we strive to use OMRI rated products.
  • Is your farm open to the public?
    The farm is also the Gravois-Arabie's family home and is therefore closed to the public.
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