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A story of GROWTH

Meet Reesa & Terrilynn


Founders of Haven Flower Farm, TerriLynn and Reesa are “farmer-florists” — a term used to describe those who specialize in both growing and designing with seasonal flowers. Located in Lockport, LA, TerriLynn and Reesa strive to grow authentic, specialty cut flowers to share with their community. 


Their flower journey began in Spring 2020 when Reesa googled, "How to grow black and white anemones in Zone 9b." She stumbled upon Floret Flowers' website, the nation's leading flower farmer, where she discovered a very detailed article on how to grow her favorite flowers. Surprised to find that this industry exists, Reesa was immediately inspired to begin her family's own flower story. She jumped in head first by digging up a third of their backyard, planting thousands of seeds, nurturing the growing plants, and learning about floriculture. Reesa says, "Farming is hard work but it's nothing a couple of southern girls can't handle." After obtaining a florist license Reesa and TerriLynn began working on floral design using their very own farm grown flowers. "There's nothing like walking into the backyard, picking a handful of fresh flowers and turning it into a beautiful arrangement," TerriLynn says.

Gardening in hardiness zone 9b certainly has it's limitations. The brutal summer heat and the mild winters don't boast well for certain flower varieties, not to mention hurricane season. Regardless of these limitations their business model is comprised of designing with the four seasons in mind. Think about it, most people decorate their homes with a particular holiday or season in mind. Would you put a Christmas wreath out in April? Most of you would answer no, but if that's your style then go for it; no judgement here! The majority of us would expect a fresh arrangement of tulips and daffodils in Spring and that's exactly what you can expect from Haven Flower Farm.

Working to grow their business and brand, TerriLynn and Reesa find themselves learning a new lesson every day. Whether it be about the soil they grow in, a certain floral design they try out for the first time, or the diligence needed when planning weddings, they continue to work together to cultivate their dream of bringing more beauty into the world with their flowers.

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