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Flower Bar rental & Workshops

With over four years of design experience and starting a cutting garden from the ground up, I've seen firsthand the joy that flowers can inspire. Having the opportunity to teach about flower arranging and how to start your own cut flower garden is deeply rooted in my passion for appreciating the beauty around us. Through our new services I aim to cultivate a space where creativity blossoms and individuals can connect with nature in a meaningful way. Each flower tells a story, and I am excited to help others discover their unique floral voice, creating moments of beauty and connection that will be cherished for years to come.

Our FLOWER BAR RENTAL is perfect for hosting parties, showers, or any special occasion where you want to thank your guests with a unique and memorable experience. We deliver and set up our newly built flower cart, complete with a stylish umbrella and charming decor details that seamlessly blend with your event's aesthetic. The flower cart is stocked with an array of fresh stems tailored to your chosen color palette, ensuring a cohesive look. We also provide all the necessary products for your guests to craft their own beautiful bouquets, allowing them to take home a personalized memento of your celebration.

Our WORKSHOPS are a wonderful way to learn the skills of either FLORAL ARRANGING or how to START YOUR OWN CUT FLOWER GARDEN. Floral design is something personal. It gives each of us a way to express our creativity and there’s no wrong way to go about it. We will teach you our process on how we see floral arrangements, our techniques on achieving an organic arrangement, and how we layer in each stem to create our signature whimsical and romantic, garden-styled floral designs. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to learn how to start your own cut flower garden. From where to start, to seed selection, to weed control, to how to cut your flowers, we will guide you through a course on how to grow your very own cut flowers. You’d be surprised just how many plants you can squeeze into a small space! You also have the option learn about both floral design and gardening to create your very own arrangements from your own cut flower garden, just like we do.

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